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Russian Blue cats

e welcome everything which have visited a site of cattery "Giperbory". We hope, that our materials will help you to grow fond of Russian Blue cats. Cattery "Giperbory" is small northern country of wonderful cats of breed " Russian Blue ".

Cattery "Giperbory" - unique cattery of Russian Blue in Russia where two European champions FIFe have grown. Our cats harmoniously combine genetic lines of Finland, Sweden, Denmark, USA, and also native blood.

Distinctive features of our cats it is medium-blue colour of coat with the expressed silver, almond eyes of faultlessly green color, the irreproachable form of the head, full conformity to strict requirements of the standard on all parameters. This features successfully allow to compete and win at the most representative international exhibitions. We were engaged, engaged, and we shall be engaged only in cats of breed " Russian Blue " without dependence from a style or a conjuncture.

Charm of our kittens was estimated by new owners in Spain, France, Germany, Finland, the Great Britain, Estonia, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Australia and, certainly, in Russia.

On questions of purchase kittens, receptions of consultations of the owner of cattery, and also use of materials of a site, address:

The owner of cattery - Elena Vorobieva, the instructor of breeding cultivation shorthair and SIA-ORI cats club "Persey" FIFe, St. Petersburg.



Cattery "Giperbory" is registered in FIFe (� 464) and in �FA (� 18753). Our cattery is seven years.

In cattery "Giperbory" are two males and five females.

Our first male Gvidon Albakat in the age of two years became youngest European champion FIFe in 1997. His daughter Aelita in 2000 became the second female in Russia among all breeds, received a title of European champion FIFe

Our younger male GIC Liutiy Giperbory*RUS (also son of Gvidon Albakat) at 16 international cat-shows FIFe was recognized as the best representative of breed (BIV).

At rating competitions of Russian cats FIFe EC Gvidon Albakat and EC Aelita admitted the best exhibition animals of year.


At registration of a site were used photos of cats of cattery "Giperbory" and them kittens only. All photos were not exposed to color and light processing.

G.V. Vorobiev. Photos and slideshow. 2003
E.A.Vorobieva. Translation of the standard. Comments. 2003
S.V. Bokarev & G.V. Vorobiev. Design's of the site. 2003

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